‘LIAN’ is a product and interior designing studio based in the Netherlands, founded by Product designer Lian van Wanrooij who graduated MAFAD in Maastricht. With a passion for furniture, interior design and architecture the studio searches for a balance between aesthetics, functionality and durability. These factors are expressed in a range of furniture, lighting and interior accessories that are used in daily life.

In all projects you’ll either find a sculptural, architectural or graphic approach. The main focus through all projects is the beauty of simplicity. She likes the function to be as clear as possible. Aesthetics are mostly defined by a reference to something. Like mathematics, geometry, architecture, graphics or even shadows.

LIAN product designer studio works
LIAN design studio sketch work

“For me as a designer it’s always my aim to improve and refine. With sustainability being so important in today’s world, the studio constantly strives to use minimal amounts of material whilst still adding function.. Everything is produced locally, working with different suppliers and manufacturers. All products should last long, but it’s just as important they should make their users life just a bit brighter!”

It’s not always things that make you happy,
but it can surely be things!
— Lian van Wanrooij

LIAN is a multidisciplinary design studio with the technical expertise and experience of among others metalworking, woodworking, ceramics, LED, interior and furniture design. Feel free to make requests regarding these disciplines, collaborations or specific designs.

If you wish for a product to be produced in a specific size, colour or material, let me know! There are some flexibilities regarding production and I’m pleased to hear what would fit your needs!